We are Ever Green Adventure Foods.

While hiking in the Sierra Mountains, we stumbled upon a beautiful campsite nestled among the tall pine and aspen trees of California. This was going to be our little piece of paradise for the night. 

We started to set up camp, get dinner ready, and finally relax after a long day of hiking. This was our favorite time of day. It was finally time to take off our dirty socks and shoes, get comfy, and stuff our faces while we reminisced about the incredible places and people we discovered that day. 

As we ate, we found ourselves talking about how much plastic we were staring at in our campsite that very moment. Where does all that waste really go? Sorting all the potential recycling items must be such a huge task and require so many resources from our park services. How much of this plastic food packaging waste ends up finding its way into our beautiful oceans? And why are we ok with these truths?

We decided we wouldn’t be part of this problem. We love these wild places too much to see them destroyed by the trash we were choosing to bring in ourselves. But how were we supposed to stop using plastic food packaging when it was the only option available? This is when our dream began!

We wanted to create a nutrient packed, fully compostable food option for adventuring souls around the world, that did not leave you wanting more. Our product aims to disrupt an existing harmful marketplace and challenge other companies and explorers to take a look at their own impact on the world. Let’s eliminate the problem by removing plastic food packaging waste all together!

Here at Ever Green Adventure Foods, we choose to cook, dehydrate, & package plant based meals loaded with the freshest ingredients. No meat, no dairy, just a bag of home cooked goodness. We don’t have time for any nonsense ingredients in the world of high intensity adventuring. As Toast & I have grown into a family of four (including our little pup ?) we have inherited a greater sense of responsibility to protect this planet. It is our duty to help give back to these wonderful places and make sure they are kept clean and accessible for future generations like our littlest hiker, Finley Meadow, to enjoy.

Let’s join together to be more conscious of life’s footprint and how our choices impact all living things around us.

We are very thankful for all the love & support we have already received. Your feedback is important to us. Please click ‘Get In Touch’ to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

Happy Trails,

Toast & Jammz & Jelly Belly

Clingmans Dome – A.T.
Mt. Fitz Roy
Mt. Fitz Roy
El Chalten – Argentina
Garnet Lake – JMT
Lake Aloha – TRT
Emerald Bay – Lake Tahoe
Desolation Wilderness – TRT
Perito Moreno Glacier – Argentina
Great Smoky Mountain National Park
Mt. Collins Shelter – A.T.
Laguna Del Torre – Argentina
John Muir Trail
Mt. Collins Shelter – A.T.
Chili Mac